Let's imagine our House of African Worlds together

President Emmanuel Macron announced it at the New Africa-France Summit in 2021. It’s up to you to imagine it from 22 June to 31 July!

"Something new and powerful is emerging from Africa. The House of African Worlds must be situated in this perspective. ”

Achille Mbembé ("The attic of the future") on the House of African Worlds

Why this consultation?

On 28 November 2017, President Macron set out his ambition to renew the relationship between France and Africa through a number of commitments in a speech in Ouagadougou.Since then, every aspect of the Africa-France relationship has evolved, from economic ties to culture, sport and the environment, for example with the launching of the Africa 2020 season, conceived as an invitation to look at and understand the world from an African perspective. The Africa 2020 allowed more than 1,500 projects in 210 cities in partnership with 422 organizations in France and 489 in Africa.

On 8 October 2021, the New Africa-France Summit was held to address common challenges with a new perspective on the relationship between Africa and France, so as to offer new generations a new framework for reflection and action. This Summit was an opportunity to address our main priorities : facilitating access to school and higher education, including by increasing mobility opportunities; providing support to entrepreneurship and innovation; enabling the forging of a new common consciousness, including by strengthening our remembrance policies; accompanying Africa on the frontline in the climate transition; working to renew our development assistance to a more balanced partnership. During this summit, President Macron officially announced the creation of a House of African Worlds, dedicated to become a real (in France) and virtual place entirely dedicated to African reflections and creativities to all of those in France who are interested in Africa. This consultation is dedicated to people over 15 years of age and aims to elicit concrete recommendations to enable a whole generation to participate fully in inventing this space, making it live in the long term and projecting it into the future. Whether you are in France or on the continent,whether you have a project or are simply curious, whether or not you have a link with Africa: your voice counts to transform this place into your place.

Express yourself :let's imagine our House of African Worlds together!

How to participate?

Why participate?

So that this House meets your wishes and needs.

To involve you from the very first steps of its invention. 

To be involved in its achievements: the House aims to be a place where decisions are made in a participatory manner.

To find out how your ideas and those of other young people are analysed in full transparency at the end of the consultation. 

A group of particularly active participants could be invited to an exchange with the house team and the President.