I participate or I organize a workshop

I am organising a workshop, I am an ambassador for the process

Would you like to organise a group workshop? 
The ambassador kit provides you with all the keys: 
  • Consultation at a glance
  • The organisation of the workshop in remote or face-to-face mode
  • After the workshop
  • The detailed script for conducting a workshop
  • The detailed script for conducting a workshop

I have already organised a workshop

I am communicating about my workshop

On social networks I post a message inviting my friends to find out about the process: 

In France or on the continent, secondary school students, students, project leaders or simply curious, whether or not ayons ou pas un lien avec l’#Afrique, notre voix compte pour que la maison des mondes africains becomes our space. 

Take part in the #ImagineOurHouse consultation at www.maisondesmondesafricains.org

I am sending in my workshop

Write down the key ideas from your workshop here!